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Easily one of our most popular courses, buckle up for this in depth journey to incredible heeling.

Flashy heeling for IGP and competition obedience dog training.

"The information and the way it's presented is amazing!  Using the videos and coaching during this time frame of not being able to be together and train has been really good as I can continue to work on my heeling and make progress."- Anne Mitchell 

"Love this course! So much really good info that I will need to re-watch over and over to really do correctly."

- Jodi Oscar

"Excellent online course! It has so many ways to teach your dog to heel and to keep the dog motivated.  I love the video examples as well as the slow mo videos so you can really see what to do.  This course gives you it all, from getting focus on your face, basic position to active heeling and much much more!! Love Love this course.  Highly recommend it."- Charity Silva


Marko frequently explains to handlers how, "heeling is the glue that holds everything together." In other words, all of your other exercises will suffer if your heeling has problems. As we know, all exercises begin from basic position (the dog sitting in heel position next to you). If the dog is distracted, passive or not in a good emotion in basic position, it will reflect in the exercise you are preparing for. If your heeling position is crooked, your down in motion will likely be crooked. Throughout this course, we address all things in your heeling to ensure not only your heeling is incredible, but that it positively influences all of your other obedience exercises.

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