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Massive Guide For Teaching Powerful Retrieves


What's included?

- Lifetime access to over 11 hours of all course videos.

- ONE YEAR Unlimited Online Dumbbell Coaching via private FB group.

- Step-by- step edited videos breaking reps down completely.

- Full, unedited sessions.

- Methods that BUILD your dog and create drive.

- Private sessions from other dog handlers being coached by us.

- Updated material ensuring you stay in touch with the most modern techniques from world level champions.

What are dog handlers around the world saying about our courses?

"I just finished watching your Help Your Helper series and was blown away. Not only by the information but also but the transparency. I love that you guys acknowledged mistakes instead of trying to hide them as well as used dogs they may have some issues. I also loved the comment tips during the video and how things were explained. I’m a k9 handler of 5 years and training has become a passion. Your series was beyond worth my time.  I can’t wait for more from you guys. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

- M. Wilson

"I'm very thankful about you guys share you knowledge. Thank you!"- Luiz Messias

"Excellent explanations and examples. The course gives you both the philosophy and the how-to." -Jelena Drvendzija

"This gave me again more tools to work with, look forward to take it into my training 😊"- Lars Andersen

"Excellent! Really good stuff thank you so much."-

David Galea

"Perfect! Very helpful to see instruction in writing as well as demonstrating behavior." - Anne Mitchell

"The most informative of all of the presentations... great information!! I did purchase the package and found it all to be very helpful!! I have been able to progress my dog from the information that all of these videos shared...Thank you Marko and Sarah for sharing your knowledge!!"- Diane Mackintosh


Team Canemo and take your training to the next level.

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