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Heeling Begins With Perfect Focus

If you need some tips on keeping your dog active and focused at new fields, this short video will be perfect.

The Call Out!

Get started on that call out now so your dog's a pro before ever doing it with your helper. Proofing your call out in lower drive situations first, ensures you have to spend less time and energy on it while working with your helper.

Teaching the Blinds Search

Starting from the beginning, this free tutorial goes over getting your blinds tight and fast, as well as teaching your dog how to know exactly where he's going based on your field position.

Schutzhund For Beginners Series

The best place to start when wanting to understand how to communicate with your dog for IGP obedience. The focus is on teaching technique as well as developing the best emotion possible from your dog.

Schutzhund For Beginners Series

Video 4 goes over the very basics of protection training.


Watch this before diving into the longer one on protection.

Schutzhund For Beginners Series

Tracking for beginners!


30 minutes long and an awesome place to start with tips for the puppy as well as adult.

Schutzhund For Beginners Series

If you have someone who is just starting out or interested, this is the video to send them.


At 8 minutes long, it gives a brief overview of all three phases, priming the brain for more Schutzhund :)

Out Of Motion Exercises

Video 2 of the motions series, more tips, more fun, more Marko.

Toy Rules!

Does your dog know his toy rules or are you making mistakes that could later cost you?

Listen to Marko explain his toy rule musts before ever using one in obedience.

Out Of Motion Exercises

The final video giving all the best tips for how to get clean, fast motions.


Have fun winning all the trophies.

Out Of Motion Exercises

"How can I make my sit, down, and stand faster?"


Watch this video series, that's how.

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