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Let me be your coach...

Hello, I'm Marko and for the last three decades, I've been training dogs for competition in different sports. I travel the world giving sport dog training seminars and now want to give you the knowledge that allowed me to win 3 world podium placements in Schutzhund/IPO/IGP and coach many others to the same level.

Here you will find online dog obedience training courses, free lectures, protection resources, puppy starter programs, interviews from Schutzhund and dogsport experts from around the world and dogsport related blogs.


We truly want you to take your competition dog training to the next level. Whether you just do it for fun or are highly competitive, knowledge will improve each and every training session with your dog and help you progress as a handler.

Let's Train!

-Marko Koskensalo

"Best online training program ever!

I made the best decision in choosing this program and see where a lot of my training mistakes occurred by not laying the proper foundation with my working dog. Everyone that wants to be involved in IGP or other related sports should sign up for this great program ❤️ Moreover, now I understand why helpers were having me do certain things, many times these things aren’t explained we just do them because were told without understanding why. Such a moment of wow this is why we do this, it's so exciting!"


- Denise Scelsi, enrolled in our Help Your Helper program.

Join Marko's Team!

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